What’s in the name–apparently, everything! The rapper, 2 Chainz, revealed through an Instagram update about his project with Italian fashion house Versace. The product is a sneaker and the name is ‘Chain Reaction’, how apt, no? There had been some build-up updates but this proves to be the final revelation about the project.

The upcoming sneaker gets many color hues and a special outsole that is the shape of a chain, which rhymes with the name of the product. There is a logo of ‘chain reaction’ on the tongue. The rapper is seen in a black floral motif shirt in the released video, which is obviously revealing further glimpses of the apparel.

The fans will be overjoyed by the new product line because it sounds and looks so unique–being able to wear something so creatively intriguing always do well with the audience.

However, fans may have to wait for the release because right now there is no immediate information available. Yet, till more details come, fans can enjoy the video!


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