In a very clear statement to its whole community, YouTube has revealed that it is going to put all the projects of Logan Paul on hold and also remove him from the portal, which will mean that the star will lose a huge revenue potential. His famous channels with subscribers touching the figure of 15 million will no longer be available on YouTube and the advertisers will not be able to reach a huge viewership.

After Logan Paul’s controversial video that showed the body of an apparent suicide victim in Japan received millions of views, it was taken down by the platform and an official statement was issued through Twitter. The consequences mentioned in the tweet have been revealed.

The first consequence is that Paul has been removed from the portal and the second consequence is that all his deals with YouTube are put on hold. Even his upcoming movie and comedy series are put on hold. Though Paul issued an apology, it seems the damage has been done and YouTube has taken punitive action against the video that involved showing suicide–as per YouTube’s official statement, suicide should never be used to get views, which is outright correct. Further, it says that the channel of the star violated their terms of use and therefore they have taken action against it.

Though there are many supporters who claim that such harsh punishment could have been avoided by the portal because there are millions of kids who watch his channels, but there are people who claim that content similar to his can be provided by others too and children won’t miss him too much, but setting an example was needed to make sure nobody repeats such kind of mistake in future. It seems YouTube will stand with its stance of punishing the star and even not going ahead with many projects that the viewers were waiting to be released in future.


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