What would it feel to have a realistic or at least a representation of the Biblical Jacob’s Ladder? Of course, it is something that a human mind can wish and conceive though actually building the ladder that could connect the earth and the heaven is well-nigh impossible. Yet, in the modern world, a simple representation of such a ladder would be considered a marvel.

Jacob's Ladder New Zealand

Well, you don’t have to imagine all this anymore, as the British artist and designer Gerry Judah has done it for you. He has created Jacob’s Ladder, a sculpture that is actually installed in the Gibbs Farm Sculpture Park in New Zealand.

The sculpture named Jacob’s Ladder is a visual representation of the idea that has intrigued the mind of humanity since ages. It is 112 feet tall and steel tubes are used to make it.

The design of the sculpture is such that a total of 480 lengths of steel were placed on one another. Every layer of the steel lengths differed in its size and length, and also was rotated to make a curve-like shape.

The Gibbs Farm Sculpture Park in New Zealand has installed it and it makes one hell of a spectacle for the human eye!

Photo Source: http://www.contemporist.com/