Kansas City emcee DUTCH Young gives us a peek into his forthcoming project, the “Trash Weed Ep”. “Addicted”, the lead single from the project appeals to the ear with the constant presence of a hard-hitting bass line and astronomic like melody, that supports Dutch as he vocalizes over the hook about his afflictions. Throughout the track Dutch expresses his Love-Hate relationship with the music scene in his hometown in the fact that a known staple of hip-shows weed, is not yet legal.

Peep Dutch Young keep it funky with his new single “Addicted”.

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Notable quotes:

I ain’t doing no more shows till it’s legal in my city

Travel smoking dutchy I got Pre-rolls coming with me

It wasn’t easy growing up I can’t lie that shit was tough

I could F*** a n****a up but still, I roll another blunt

You audition for success, sometimes you don’t make the cut