With the album ‘Love is Dead’ expected to arrive on May 25, the group CHVRCHES has released their third single to support and build momentum for the album. The single is titled ‘Never Say Die.’

chvrches-never-say die

The release came just after the cover of Beyonce’s ‘XO’ by the cover.

If you have been following the group, you might have heard their previous singles too. Last month they released ‘My Enemy’ and in January they release ‘Get Out’, which was assisted by Matt Berninger.

Lauren Mayberry from the group stated: “‘Never Say Die’ embodies what her band is all about: “the mixture between the dark and the light. ‘Never Say Die’ is one of my favorite songs on the record because it really leans into the juxtaposition of what we do. It’s melodic and direct but uses some of the gnarliest sounds we’ve ever tried.”

Incidentally, ‘Never Say Die’ is the first song the group created during the recording sessions of the album though it is released at the third number.

Photo Source: https://hypebeast.com